Early retail experience sparked a lifelong passion

Susie Ralph started her Bedshed business at Morayfield in Queensland almost a decade ago with husband Ken by her side. Her retail experience started at the tender age of 14 when Susie would help her aunt in a clothing store during school holidays. This ignited a lifelong passion - she enjoyed offering advice and quickly gained confidence.

Secrets of success

"The first six months were both exciting and tiring - we worked seven days straight to keep our costs down. We're now at a stage where we are able to gradually step away from the business," she said. According to Susie, developing good relationships with those important to your business' success is essential. "It's an important lesson I've learnt," she says. "We work hard at maintaining good relationships with our business associates. We've received plenty of advice from the most unexpected places and people, all of which has been invaluable in growing our business successfully, and Bedshed has been a constant support." Susie said.

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