Freedom and flexibility

Not everyone loves coming to work every day. Small business owner, Katy Gennai, bucks the trend. She thrives on the freedom of running her own Bedshed franchise in Melbourne’s Watergardens. Katy purchased her Bedshed franchise five years ago, and hasn’t looked back. “I enjoy the flexibility that comes with running my own show, which means I can juggle work and family without the challenges of answering to someone else or placing an added burden onto others,” Katy says.

Secure financial future

Katy knew what industry she wanted to buy into. Having worked in the retail bedding sector and in a Bedshed store, she knew the products and was acutely aware of what customers wanted. Like any small business owner, Katy wants to run a profitable business. Her research showed Bedshed to be more profitable than its competitors, and the opportunity to secure her long-term financial future was forefront. “I did my homework and it really paid off. Bedshed has given me the freedom to do more of the things I enjoy. I can afford to live the lifestyle I love and I also have greater control over my work schedule.”

Playing a role in the broader business

Katy is heavily involved in Bedshed’s imports program frequently participating in international buying trips. She loves being involved in product selection, establishing relationships and building rapport with suppliers. It’s also an opportunity to forge closer relationships with other Bedshed franchisees around the country.

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