A new career

Seven years ago Laurence Arnell-Smith had no retail experience. Previously having worked as an electrician and chartered accountant, he decided to start a Bedshed franchise with his wife. “I didn’t want to stay on the corporate ladder and I wanted something my wife could be involved in. It needed to be rewarding, challenging and ultimately a business with a well-known brand and strong product backing.”

Putting more ‘life’ in the work/life balance

“The main driver was that I wanted a business that would let me balance work commitments and time with my wife and two children. Now if I want a day off with the kids, I can do that. It’s a big plus.” From the start, Laurence had access to Bedshed’s supportive management team and a network of like-minded franchisees. “I am also a member of Bedshed’s Franchise Advisory Council, giving me input into key business decisions. I’m involved at a macro level, and on a micro level I decide how to manage and run my own store.”

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