Ingrid Alexander is not a risk taker. However, she wanted independence, and Bedshed was the solution. Together with her husband and two sons, she owns two Bedshed Franchises, one in Morley and the other in Malaga, WA.

Flexibility without the risk

“Owning a franchise takes so much of the risk out of running your own business,” she says. “It’s a small business but with all the extras – a strong brand, national buying power, marketing handled at both a state and national level, and practical support and advice from an experienced management team who know what works,” she says.

Ingrid is hands-on, runs her own show and loves the flexibility of making her own decisions. And being her own boss, she also enjoys being able to choose the hours she works.

Financial freedom

Ingrid enjoys travelling overseas both on business buying trips and to visit friends and family in England.

“I am lucky to be in a position to take time off from work and also to be financially comfortable enough to travel overseas.”

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