01 June 2016

A week in the life of a franchisee

Flexibility is one of the key reasons why many people decide to buy their own franchise and start a new life, but sometimes it’s difficult to get the balance right.

Graham Gibson, of Bedshed Moorabbin, knows a thing or two about managing work and life. A lover of all things health and fitness, and with 35 years of experience in franchising, Graham is a big believer in the importance of not just having a life, but having a lifestyle.

While everyone may have a different idea of what their perfect lifestyle looks like, Graham’s is one in which you work hard and train hard to achieve personal and professional goals. Bedshed’s biggest ‘fitness fanatic’, not only works full time overseeing the successful operation of his store in Moorabbin, but also finds the time to compete in Ironman competitions and triathlons.

Here Graham details what a typical working week in the lead up to an Iron Man competition looks like, balancing training and running a successful business.

Monday – set the scene

It’s important to plan ahead for the week and realistically have an idea of how you are going to fit everything in – and the start of the week is the perfect time to do this!

After finishing work at a reasonable time, say by 6pm, I’ll start my training for the week with an evening 3km swim session.

Tuesday – go with the seasons

I’ll be wrapping up work early to get a medium level work out in today. If it’s the middle of winter, cold and rainy, my Tuesday evening training will involve setting up the bike in the garage for a 1.5-hour session. If it’s a more balmy evening, I’ll ride outside. I’ll then cool down with a half hour jog.

Wednesday – work to your schedule

One of the benefits of franchising is that you get to be your own boss. I ensure I can regularly take Wednesday’s off when I’m training and work Saturdays instead, so I can mix up my big work outs. I have staff equipped to handle all things at the store, so Wednesday can be my big day of training.

I’ll go for a long ride – usually around 150km – followed by a 3 – 5 km run.

Thursday – stay flexible

Having had the previous day off, my Thursday can be pretty busy, so I often start early so I can still fit in an evening swim training session, starting at approximately 6pm.

If necessary I can then pick up work from home later in the evening – I make full use of technology to keep my working hours flexible. For me, it’s about keeping the right mindset and involving my staff in my plans so they can support my preparation.

Friday – don’t give up

Just like running a business takes hard work and dedication, so does training for a triathlon! I like to push myself by starting my Friday with a 25 – 30km run before work, and set myself up for a Saturday back in the store – as our busiest day, it’s important I’m there to support and troubleshoot any issues.

Make flexibility a reality

They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person. While Graham has a lot on his plate, he credits his triathlon and franchising success to effectively juggling his priorities and constantly pushing himself to go above and beyond.

Whether it’s a triathlon, travel, or any other lifestyle you’re passionate about, Graham’s example proves it’s more than possible.