29 June 2016

The untold benefits of franchising

It’s no secret that franchising offers a lot of perks – many of which you may have heard before. The lifestyle benefits, being your own boss, and having the support of an established, well-known brand are just a few that spring to mind. However, many of our Bedshed franchisees report other benefits outside of what you would expect.  Read on to uncover the hidden advantages of being a Bedshed franchisee.

The network is like a big family

What people mightn’t have told you is that joining a franchise network can be like joining a big family. You’ll never be left in the dark or on your own, with support from other franchisees or your franchisor just a phone call (or coffee catch-up) away. A franchising network thrives when all the individual franchisees perform to the best of their ability – meaning you’ll be working in a collaborative, encouraging work environment. 

Bedshed’s annual awards night, which recognises excellence and dedication in franchising, is a great example of where the network comes together to celebrate and congratulate each other’s success.

Collaboration, not competition, is the norm

Once you’re settled in the franchise network, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle and network with other like-minded franchisees. Bedshed hosts annual buying trips which not only offer a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the stock purchase decision making processes, but also the chance to get to know other franchisees.

We’ve found that our franchisees often form life-long friendships with each other; friendships that extend well beyond the business world. It’s like having advisors, mentors, and friends, all rolled into one network!

There are many instances where Bedshed franchisees have gone out of their way to help a fellow franchisee. For example, when a new store was opening in Fyshwick ACT, one of our franchisees drove up from Watergardens VIC, just to help the new franchisees put the finishing touches on the store.

It’s not like the corporate world

The relationship you have with your franchisor is very different to the relationship you’re likely to have with your boss in the corporate world. In the corporate world, a more traditional and formal boss/employee relationship is likely to occur. However in a franchising environment, we often find the franchisor and franchisees develop close friendships, which again extend beyond the working field. This helps to foster a productive work environment where franchisees feel empowered to have open and honest conversations with the franchisor.