08 March 2017

Three things you never knew your franchisor could offer you

There are a number of benefits that come with a career in franchising. The luxury of being your own boss and the safety net of joining an established brand are just a few of the perks. What you may not know, however, is that your franchisor can (or should) be able to offer you a lot more than you might have thought.

A good franchisor doesn’t just set you up, take your money and leave you – they provide ongoing support, guidance and more!

Make sure you ask the right questions to find a franchisor that goes above and beyond for you. If you find the right one, here are the sorts of things you can expect:

1. Personal friendship

At Bedshed, we strive to differentiate ourselves by fostering an open, two-way healthy relationship between the Bedshed Central Office Team and our franchisees. This has resulted in relationships that extend beyond the professional environment – many of our franchisees have become friends rather than just colleagues.

The same thing goes for personal friendships amongst franchisees. Constantly sharing tips and tricks to help each other out in the professional environment, many of our franchisees consider each other good friends.

2. Bespoke training

Organisations often tout development and training as something they offer however it’s not always the reality. Here at Bedshed, we offer bespoke training for our franchisees to give them the best possible chance of succeeding.

Some businesses also offer training out of store – we also offer franchisees the opportunity to attend bi annual overseas buying trips, to help develop the supply chain and contribute to range development.

3. Research and insights

One of the great things about franchising is you’re not out on your own. You have a whole network of experienced professionals dedicated to helping make sure that you succeed. This will assist you with a whole range of things, from site selection and development to marketing and advertising strategies.

This is something that Bedshed spends a lot of time and energy investing in. Always striving to remain at the forefront of the industry, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve business and operations. Whether that’s by introducing new suppliers, or revamping our marketing strategy, we always keep the interests of our franchisees top of mind.