15 January 2017

Thought about running a franchise in 2017? Here's an incentive package valued at $275,000

As one of Australia’s largest specialist bedding and bedroom franchises, we’re excited to be expanding into the Sydney market.

In order to engage new franchisees, we are offering an incentive package valued at $275,000 over two years. For new franchisee partners looking to enter the Sydney market it’s a fantastic and unique opportunity.

The offer is available until the end of March 2017, so get in touch quick!

At Bedshed, we have a proven track record in franchising with more than thirty years of successful experience. We strive to support all of our franchisees with an exceptionally high level of training and guidance. 

Joining a franchise such as Bedshed is a great way to secure your financial future with less risk and more security. While there are a number of variables which will determine the profit your Bedshed franchise will generate, most of our franchisees report having a more than comfortable and flexible lifestyle. In fact, independent research shows our franchisees are more financially satisfied than 84 per cent of the franchising sector. Bedshed franchisees generally report a profit well in excess of 10% of turnover, which shows why Bedshed franchisees are so financially satisfied. Franchising is also a great option for someone who is interested in running their own business, but also wants the support of a trusted brand behind them.

While we are always more than willing to provide valuable guidance as a franchisor, we are conscious of the fact that franchisees should have their own decision making power. Our Franchise Advisory Council and Merchandise Advisory Council will give you ample opportunity to contribute and participate in important marketing and product purchasing decisions. These councils meet frequently and are a great place to get to know fellow franchisees.

This is the first time such a significant saving has been offered by an Australian franchisor. The offer has been introduced as part of Bedshed’s desire to find the right franchisees to grow the business in the Sydney metro region. Please get in touch with our National Business Development Manager, Rod Parker, via [email protected] or 0419 494 480 if you’re interested in finding out more about this fantastic offer.