04 April 2017

Think you know franchising? Three things you thought you knew that are totally wrong

The decision to buy a franchise is undoubtedly a big one. So, before you make this critical decision, it’s important you have all the facts.

While there are a number of benefits of owning a franchise, there are also a number of misconceptions, usually circulated around the industry and in the media. These myths don’t always paint the full picture of the industry, and they certainly aren’t representative of what franchising is like at Bedshed.

1. Your voice won’t be heard

A common misperception of franchising is that your opinion and feedback won’t be taken seriously. At Bedshed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We welcome and encourage franchisee input, particularly when it comes to product purchasing decisions. We want each franchisee to feel they are part of a large family that will constantly be there to support and listen to them.

Consequently, we have what’s called the Merchandise Advisory Council (MAC). The MAC meets once a quarter and is responsible for all product related decisions. We also host biannual buying trips to destinations across Asia including China, Malaysia and Vietnam. These trips are open to all our franchisees that are interested in taking part in product selection.

2. You can’t control your work/life balance

One of the great things about being a franchisee is that you’re your own boss. This means you can be flexible in determining the hours you work, rather than having this dictated to you.

Most good franchisors will work with franchisees to ensure they’re satisfied with their work/life balance – and this is certainly the case at Bedshed. We offer staff development and training, as well as assistance in building a robust business structure. This helps to ensure that our franchisees are able to work flexibly and are in a position to take time off.

3. You can’t input into marketing and advertising

One of the benefits of joining a franchise is the fact that you have a whole network of experienced professionals dedicated to helping make sure your store is a success. At Bedshed, we’re confident we’re in the best possible position to set our franchisees up for success. However, franchisees certainly have an important role to play in the ongoing decision making process.

At Bedshed we have the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) that meets once a quarter, similarly to the MAC, and contributes to business decisions on everything from operational matters and customer feedback, to promotional advertising campaigns.