23 May 2013

Overseas buying trips help Bedshed set the trend

The Bedshed team has just returned from the company’s second buying trip of the year, bringing with them the freshest trends in bedroom furniture and technology advancements.

The Merchandise Advisory Council, made up of franchisees and senior staff, travels overseas at least twice each year to visit manufacturers, identify new products and meet with prospective new suppliers to ensure the company remains an industry leader. Last month, the group jetted to China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

“Bedshed’s franchisee partners are encouraged to join us on our overseas buying trips, giving them an opportunity to help select products and forge closer relationships with their counterparts around the country,” said Bedshed’s Chief Operating Officer, Gavin Culmsee.

“During our most recent trip, we attended the Shanghai International Furniture Show, the largest furniture trade show in Asia.  Drawing together exhibitors from across Asia and Europe, the show has a very contemporary edge which marries well with the type of products most of interest to Bedshed customers,” he said.

With a tighter network of fellow franchisees and an improved knowledge of what the international market has to offer, Bedshed’s franchisees are well equipped to lead their businesses to success.

For information on Bedshed’s franchise opportunities and its Franchise Calculator, please contact Rod Parker on 0419 494 480 or email [email protected].