12 December 2016

Get to know Sandra Green

Six weeks ago, Sandra opened a store at Hoppers Crossing, on the outskirts of Melbourne. But her journey with Bedshed started way before this. In 2002, she opened the franchise’s first store in Victoria, at Watergardens Shopping Centre, Taylors Lakes. To celebrate the opening of her Hoppers Crossing store, we asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

What got you into franchising?

I’ve been in bedding retail since I left high school, and ended up buying another bedding franchise when I was 27, in Melbourne. What initially attracted me to franchising was the fact that you are constantly in communication with other people, and I’m definitely a people person. I’ve always been interested in interior design, which is why I thought the bedding industry would be a good fit for me. Over the years I’ve only come to love franchising more and more. My job is very diverse, and I’m never bored!

How did you come across Bedshed?

I had been out of the industry for some years when a chance meeting brought me to Perth to view Bedshed stores. I had signed on the dotted line within three days – Bedshed felt like a family and I really bought into the values. With all my previous experience in bedding and franchising, it felt like coming home.

What is the best thing about being a Bedshed franchisee?

The great thing about being a franchisee is that you have a trusted brand behind you. People like to buy from known brands, so you already have a huge advantage before you even mention the support and advice offered from your franchisor. Being a part of Bedshed, I am also able to get involved in purchasing decisions as a part of the Merchant Advisory Council. Bedshed also offers every franchisee the opportunity to be involved in overseas buying trips twice a year, which are a great way to see trends while having a great time overseas.

And the worst?

For me, I had to learn to balance my new found work life balance and flexible working with the ability to be able to mentally switch off from work. It’s something I’ve had to struggle to master, but I’m getting there!

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of buying a franchise?

Speak to other franchisees in the franchise network you’re considering to find out about the reality of the business and really understand the culture – you want to be sure it fits with your own expectations and values.

Also consider what type of business is financially right for you – some franchise models are a longer term investment than others, so make sure you’re clear in your mind what your return expectations are before you start.