28 September 2016

Franchising: Future proof your career

It's no secret that the workplace is changing. Digital transformation and conflicting reports of economic uncertainty means Australians are on the hunt for a secure way to future proof their career, with many considering franchising as a safe and secure option.

Here are a few reasons why franchising may be the right investment for you:

1. It’s a safer, more secure means of investing your money

Going out on a limb and starting your own business is no easy feat. You don’t have someone there to guide you through the process, nor do you necessarily have clear-cut examples of what will and won’t work.

Joining a franchise with a proven track record of successful operation takes out much of the risk associated with starting a new venture. What works well for a franchisee also works well for the franchisor. Your franchisor should therefore have a vested interest in assisting and guiding you through your journey.

At Bedshed, we work hard to give our franchisees the support they need with both the challenges and rewards of running a business.

2. You can’t be made redundant

One of the great things about joining a franchise is that you essentially become your own boss. Not only does this offer many lifestyle benefits, but it means the risk of losing your job, whether by replacement or redundancy, is mitigated.

With franchising, you get out what you put in. It’s completely up to you as to how hard you work. However you are the one who will reap the rewards when you see success, with much less risk of someone taking it all away from you.

3. Choose who you work with

If working with family is something that piques your interest, franchising could be the career for you.

Many of our franchisees work with family including with their spouse, children or children-in-law. Franchising with Bedshed offers a flexible work place and stimulates a culture where franchisees enjoy coming to work each day. Many of the skills needed to operate a franchise can be taught – you just need to have the right attitude. We find this works extremely well for many families who are looking to go into business together.