24 November 2016

Do you have the skills needed to start a franchise?

At Bedshed we have over 35 years’ experience in franchising, and we know the skills it takes to make a new business a success. 

Here are the traits we look for in a potential franchisee, to ensure they will be the right fit for Bedshed. Is this you?

The willingness to learn

We don’t expect franchisees to be experts at everything from day one. Successful franchisees need to be flexible, ready to learn and open to trying new ways of doing business. This may sometimes put franchisees out of their comfort zone, but it’s integral to making a franchise fulfilling and profitable.

Our franchisees go above and beyond to learn as much as they can from the people around them; be it their franchisor, fellow franchisees, or customers. At Bedshed, we offer extensive training and guidance and encourage new franchisees to ask lots of questions to help them be successful.

A team player… and a people person

While you become your own boss as a franchisee, being able to effectively work in a team is an important skill. We always consider whether prospective franchisees will be open to support and feedback, and if they’ll be able to share constructive feedback with their team.

One of the most important skills a franchisee can have is being able to (considerately) delegate work. When you own a franchise you can’t be expected to do everything on your own. Bedshed looks for candidates who will want to get to know their team, and what it is they’re good at.

A determined approach

While rewarding, like any job franchisees occasionally have challenges thrown their way. We look for people with perseverance and tenacity to make the business a success. If you put in the work at the start, the business will give back to you tenfold.