28 April 2017

Diary of a franchisee - the buying trips

It’s a common misconception that joining a franchise means your decision-making power and input into important product selection is taken away. At Bedshed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bedshed hosts biannual buying trips which visit destinations across Asia including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. These are open to any franchisee who’s interested in taking part in product selection. 

Katy Gennai, of Bedshed Watergardens, is a seasoned expert when it comes to making valuable product purchase decisions. Having recently returned from the most recent buying trip, Katy shares some insight into what the trips are really like.

Inclusive and interactive

I’ve been a regular participant of Bedshed’s buying trips for five years now, and I absolutely love the opportunity they give in making valuable product decisions. Having worked with other franchise networks in the past, I can safety say that Bedshed is unique in this offering.

A valuable learning opportunity

Not only do the trips allow me to provide input into the decision making process, they also provide me with a wealth of product knowledge. I’m able to see product ranges firsthand, rather than looking at a few pictures on the internet. Being able to see and feel the products can give a much better sense of what they’re like. I’m also able to ask the suppliers everything I need to know, which helps me if / when I go to sell the products in my store.

Staying ahead of the game

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly evolving and affecting a number of different industries, and bedding is no exception! It’s therefore critical that we’re keeping our finger on the pulse in terms of the latest and greatest in technology and innovation. Travelling overseas allows us to keep abreast of these trends and make informed decisions when it comes to offering customers the relevant products back home.

My advice to potential franchisees is to really consider whether a potential franchise network is forward thinking in this area.

Most importantly... a lot of fun!

What I love most about the trips is that I get to interact with other Bedshed franchisees from across the country, as well as some of the people from Bedshed’s Central Office.

I’m constantly in touch with other franchisees; we share tips and advice with each other over the phone. However being able to travel together and bounce ideas around about different products takes it to a whole other level!  It’s fantastic to feel you’re part of a like-minded community, and to know you have that solid network there to support you.