03 November 2017

Debunking the myths of franchising: #1 your voice won’t be heard

When it comes to the myths surrounding the world of franchising, we’ve heard them all! From lack of work/life balance to financial instability, there are a number of misconceptions about franchising, often circulated in both the industry and media, that don’t always paint the full picture.

If you’re considering joining a franchise, it’s important to remember that every franchise system is different. Each franchise will have their own way of incorporating franchisees into their network, and from there how they work with (and treat) them. At Bedshed, we know our own model can put any negative rumours to rest, starting with the common myth that your voice won’t be heard.

We listen to our franchisees

A common perception of franchising is that your opinion and feedback won’t be taken seriously, but at Bedshed this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many franchisors rely on valuable feedback from franchisees, from product popularity to sharing specific customer feedback on products. At the end of the day, the franchisee is the one working on the store floor, dealing with customers’ day in and day out. A smart franchisor would take advantage of this valuable insight, and use it to improve the process of selecting products.

At Bedshed, we want each franchisee to feel they are part of a large family that will always be there to support and listen to them. Consequently, we have what’s called the Merchandise Advisory Council (MAC) and the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). The MAC meets quarterly and is responsible for all product related decisions. We also host biannual buying trips to destinations across Asia including China, Malaysia and Vietnam. These trips are open to all our franchisees that are interested in taking part in product selection.

The FAC also meets once a quarter, but contributes to business decisions on everything from operational matters and customer feedback, to promotional and advertising campaigns. While joining either of these councils is in no way compulsory, they present a fantastic opportunity for franchisees wanting further involvement and the opportunity to share their opinion. In previous roles you may never have had the chance to be part of committees like these, but this is just one of the many ways we work to ensure our franchisees’ voices are always heard.

At Bedshed, we strive to differentiate ourselves by promoting an open, two-way and healthy relationship between the Bedshed Central Office Team and our franchisees. We understand the importance job satisfaction plays in not only having a rewarding career, but also being able to run a successful business. It is for that reason that we always aim to foster an environment where our franchisees are doing something that they love, whilst having a viable and profitable business in the process.